electric scooters maintenance and repair

electro.technology sp. z o. o. is a Polish distributor of Amperi and eFun vehicles. We provide service for Amperi, eFun and Sunra vehicles. Thanks to our specialization in electric vehicles such as scooters and motorcycles, we can also provide assistance for vehicles of other brands. Also rare ones.

We often find scooters equipped with gel / acid batteries (eg DZM 22-12 or BV 22-12) still offered in budget scooters and special vehicles. We replace them with NCM CATL cell batteries, extending their life cycle, reducing their weight by 20 kg and increasing the range up to three times.

Thanks to our advanced controllers, we can fine-tune the behaviour of the vehicle to the user’s needs. Whether it will be an increase in dynamics, a change in the characteristics of the recuperation operation or, for example, a different reaction to the throttle – the customer decides.

In Krakow, we also provide a mobile service: a light service vehicle based on D2D Donk and a Toyota ProAce van are mobile workshops.

We can provide a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair.

But why the service … after all, electrics do not break down.

Due to the simple design, electric vehicles do not have many components, but the chassis (tires, brakes, suspension) are very similar to their combustion brothers and require maintenance. Also, the lighting system requires a bulb or two.

If you want us to take care of your electric bike, let us know or call 8888 22 112.


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